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according to the us chamber of commerce, coworking is more beneficial than ever

"One of the biggest benefits of a coworking space is the opportunity to connect with other individuals. If you’re working in a home office or independent office, you could be robbing yourself of the important connections needed to drive your business forward."
-US Chamber 

The connections at the CHAI Cowork Studio are unmatched! We ensure that you have a membership directory and have the connections you need at your fingertips.

More networking opportunity

"For small business owners working out of a home office... when we’re at home, you can be easily distracted. Kids need attention, the house needs to be cleaned or maintained and special projects can constantly crop up in our minds. By going to another space, you can solidify a 'work mode' that can increase productivity."
-US Chamber

Increased productivity

"Sometimes, switching spaces and heading to a new office can allow you to refresh your mind and consider alternative solutions to business problems."
-US Chamber

Every creative has a way that they best tap into their creative juice. Finding yours can mean lots of different things. Here, we ensure your creativity can burst with wide open, clean, safe spaces and a community of entrepreneurs who are friendly and serious about their craft. How can you be creative when you're worried? That's not the case here!

Boost in creativity

intimate cowork setting
luxurious aesthetic
mandatory lunch hour for midday sanitation

Here's what's included...

monthly seminars
curated events
virtual cowork sessions

members only access
private meeting rooms
mini meeting room
podcast recording studio
lounge/waiting area

24/7 access
hours: mon-sat 7a- 7p
color printing
high speed internet
access to apple desktop
apple tv available

coffee + snacks
continental breakfast

office supply case
mailbox options

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You never know what you could hear or use when seeking collaboration. Your next big idea and project can be fostered through collaboration. 

Your levels of collaboration are limitless when you have a community to pull from that will empower your creativity.

Collaboration opportunities

Atlanta can be an expensive city. Finding the right location matched with amenities is difficult. Here, there's both. It is both cost effective to cowork and full of amenities and perks that you wouldn't normally provide for yourself at home or in your own office all for one monthly cost.


You can be flexible by coworking on a month to month basis or even for an entire year. But, either way, you aren't locked into an office that's empty and a 3 year commitment you barely think you'll need. Coworking solves both issues of costs and commitment. 

Greater flexibility

What members are saying

"This place is not only welcoming, it feels like a home office away from home..."

billy c. (consultant)

i simply love it here. it's everything and more for the money

kortnie h. (home health agency owner)

i can't speak highly enough about niché, she's a cheerleader and coach. i just love her and im so happy she opened a space!

jacquee m. (health club owner)